Pirates celebrates the retraction of Judge Pedraz regarding the censorship of Telegram and considers it a popular victory

Pirates de Catalunya, a member of the European Pirates, celebrates the decision of Judge Pedraz of the Audiencia Nacional (Spanish National Court) to back out from his aim of censoring Telegram. The party considers that this decision has been taken thanks to the popular pressure against the action and the announcement of the measures against it in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

Judge Pedraz’s order recognizes that the precautionary measure was totally disproportionate, as the Pirates had assured on Saturday, and which was the main argument of our complaint before the CJEU, prepared by lawyer Josep Jover, and which was already nearly finished. Although we will not submit it, we will keep it ready in case the judge wants to activate the precautionary measure again.

However, Pirates de Catalunya will maintain the announced work with the MEPs of the European Pirates in case it is necessary to register the consultations in the European Parliament and the European Commission, for the authoritarian and censorial drift of certain sectors of the Spanish state, despite it could be timely stopped in this case.

Finally, we want to congratulate all the organisations that have taken quick action against the measure, not only consumer, political and union organisations, or associations in defense of human rights, but especially activists both individually or collectively, who are the ones who really managed to turn this absurd decision around.

Image: Wikimedia

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